TELLING FINE has reached to the next generation with a cutting-edge technology. We introduce you the maintenance free treadmill belt for both home and commercial use.

The advanced maintenance free treadmill belt has no requirement to add any lubrication, and is permanently free from maintaining. It will not cause any damage to the treadmill belt due to lacking lubrication. Moreover, it can help to extend the lifetime of both the treadmill belt and of the machine.

TELLING FINE’s treadmill belts provide users a whole new life experience.

Home use Treadmill Belt

A4928A Series

Characteristic :Non-Stretch, Flat, Non-edge raise, Low electric current


Commercial Use

Maintenance Free Treadmill Belt

AW4928A Series

Characteristic:Non-Stretch, Flat, Non-edge raise, LOW electric current、Maintenance-free


The comparison between maintenance free treadmill belt and ordinary lubrication is at below:

**The lifetime of maintenance free treadmill belt is twice to three times more than that of ordinary lubrication belt. **

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