Established in 1997 Telling Fine Co., Ltd has earned outstanding reputation from clients around the world, especially in the field of treadmill belt and professional exercise equipments. Innovation and continuous improvement are the core value of Telling Fine Company. Moreover, the management team believes by providing quality product and enhances customer service will ensure company’s future growth.


Yarn→ Warp Yarn → Alignment → Weaving →coating →Slitting →Sever →Production → Quality→confirmation

Telling Fine has a professional R & D department; the department is able to perform various tasks Such as: tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion and weather test. All of these tests enable Telling Fine Company to develop high performance products to suit customers’ need.

The machineries that Telling Fine Enterprise utilized for weaving base fabric are from DORNIER (Germany). The advantages of using Dornier looming machines are: minimize the use of manpower, stable quality, fully automation, and ensure the strength of fabric achieve the customers’ requirement.

The processes for PVC department are: cleaning, flatting follow by coating to the semi-finished products. To ensure the quality meets with both customer requirement and European standards; Telling Fine Enterprise installed high precision STORK PVC coating machines (from Holland).

This department processes the semi-finished products to the customized dimensions.Equipments include automatic slitter and sever machines and professional high-frequency / vulcanization heat joins machines.Every finished product is inspected before releasing to the customers.

Treadmill Belt, Conveyer Belt, PVC  Tarpaulin, Anti- slippery Mat, Floor mat.