 If you confirmed your belt is worn-out and it can be destroyed. You can follow some steps as below:
1. Firstly, please take off a cyclic belt from treadmill.
2. And then prepare a ruler.
3. Please cut the cyclic belt to a rectangular belt. 4. Please calculate full length, width and thickness.
 If you don’t want to do any injured for belt. We have two ways to calculate belt size as listed below.
Method #1 1. Please take off a cyclic belt from treadmill.
2. Secondly, prepare a ruler.
3. Please use a ruler to calculate length around of cyclic belt directly and calculate width and thickness.
Method #2
1. Please keep belt on the treadmill and prepare a ruler.
2. Please calculate length from middle of front roller wheel to middle of end roller wheel.
3. And then calculate diameter of roller wheel.
4. The total length is double step2. (step2. X 2) + step3. (diameter of roller wheel)
5. Finally, please calculate width and thickness.